A comprehensive inventory of non-coding RNAs
and transposable elements overlapping
regions in plant genomes


Plant Non-Coding RNAs related to Transposable Elements (PlaNC-TE) database delivers an extensive inventory of non-coding RNAs (ncRNAs) related to transposable elements (TEs) in plant genomes.

ncRNAs:TEs overlap

TEs (inner)
  • LTR
  • TIR
  • SINE
  • LINE
  • Unknown
ncRNAs (outer)
  • tRNA
  • rRNA
  • pre_miRNA
  • snRNA
  • snoRNA
  • antisense_RNA
  • sense_intronic
  • RNase_MRP_RNA
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Please, if you use these data, cite us:

Pedro, D. L. F., Lorenzetti, A. P., Domingues, D. S & Paschoal, A. R. (2018) PlaNC-TE: a comprehensive knowledgebase of non-coding RNAs and transposable elements in plants. Database.

Previous work from our group:

Lorenzetti, A. P., De Antonio, G. Y., Paschoal, A. R., & Domingues, D. S. (2016) PlanTE-MIR DB: a database for transposable element-related microRNAs in plant genomes. Functional & integrative genomics, 16(3), 235-242.